Can you...

Can you walk a mile in these shoes?
Not just a physical mile but an emotional mile, a spiritual mile?
A mile that takes you further than the four corners of the earth.
When the rumblings... the stirring of your belly from lack of food is louder than the crowd hustling about around you running daily errands..can you walk that mile?
When the heat of the sun bears down on your skin while the perspiration sizzles as it drips down your face....can you walk that mile?

When Jack Frost doesn’t just nip at your nose but causes your bones to ache because the sidewalk  just can’t  be compared to that Sealy mattress you see in the store window.....can you walk that mile?  
When people watch as you walk laughing, singing, talking with yourself not realizing you’re not crazy just lonely.  
Lonely because others frown upon you, your appearance, your odor, your well worn shoes your lack of appropriate clothing,  or the difference in your financial status.
Lonely because when I give a smile your turn your head in .....Disgust?...Shame? ...Guilt? Pity?...why can’t you just smile back.

3 Mighty Food Teams


The SouPREMES are led by Debi Wallace-Ferguson
This team provides hot meals full of nutrition, love and comfort.  

The Sandwich team

The Sandwich team led by Linda Cook provides delicious hearty sandwiches to be included with chips, fruit, some extra snacks and a side of love.  

The Eggsters

The Eggsters are led by Shelley Poole. This team adds extra TLC to the 60 hard-boiled and shelled eggs provided as a great high-protein snack. 

To join one of these teams, you can request to be added to the Blessing Warriors RVA Facebook page or reach out to the team leaders at or complete this form. 

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